Summer sleep hacks

Struggle to snooze in the Summer heat? We've got some simple hacks for that...

Warm, sweaty nights… not a pleasant thought and possibly the biggest downside to our occasionally hot, British Summers.  Tossing and turning, fans blasting while the windows are wide open and saying goodbye to ‘the cold side of the pillow’ is the inevitable fate we face each night. However, there are a few tips, tricks and products available that could help make the Summer nights a little easier to survive.


Light weight bedding is a great option for those who like to sleep with some sort of cover. In terms of tog, 4.5 or less is ideal and it provides something squishy for comfort, but has much less filling so won’t bring you out in a sweat. It’s also advised to look out for polycotton or cotton covers as they are far more breathable than many materials so will allow your body to breathe and keep fresh. (Get ready for some shameless plugging) here at Boston we stock a wide range of togs, so if you fancy trying this tip out you can do so for a bargain price.


Ever heard of the chillow? It’s essentially a gel pad that you store in the fridge. It can then slot into your pillow or be slept on directly in order to keep your face nice and cool. Allergy suffers will be happy to know that’s it’s safe for them too! It can also be used outside of Summer as it’s know to be affective in aiding headaches and sports injuries, so it can certainly earn it’s keep.

Living like a vampire during the heat may pay off. It’s a proven fact that keeping your blinds and curtains closed during the hottest hours affectively helps to keep your house cool and prevent that green house like feel. Any heat trying to infiltrate your house will be blocked out so you homes temperature could stay up to 20 degrees cooler. This may seem a little depressing, but to enjoy the sunshine it may be best to take the old fashioned route and hit the great outdoors!


Who needs to splash out on air con?! There could be a cheaper option already sitting in your home. Try grabbing a bowl of ice or bottles or freezing cold water, then position them in front of your fan. This way, it will blast chilled air into the room as appose to simply circulating muggy air. You’ll feel like you’re by the sea in no time.



Dressing for the occasion could also really help your cause. Despite what might seem logical, wearing something could actually benefit you as it will soak up any perspiration during the night, leaving you feeling fresher. Cotton is a great material of choice as it’s naturally breathable. Leaving some socks in the fridge during the day might cause a bit of a stir in the house, but you’ll be more restful at night. Popping them on before you go to bed will not only keep your feet cool, but the rest of your body too as blood passes through the area and around your body. And finally, tie any long hair back! Your face could do without a blanket during sweaty nights.