A shocking look at the most expensive beds in the world

You won't believe it when we show you some of the most expensive beds and bedding from around the world. Anyone have a spare $6.3m?

Here at Boston, we’re all about giving our customers great quality items at an affordable price. However, no matter how fluffy our natural duvets are and how plump we make our pillows, there does appear to be a few items out there that simply take the cake. We’ve delved into the world of the super rich to drool over… I mean showcase, some of the most luxurious sleep aids money can buy and we can’t believe our eyes.

Baldacchino Supreme Bed - $6.3 Million

It doesn’t get any more decedent than this; the Baldacchino model is hand carved, with an interior composed of 24 carat gold that weighs over 200lbs! If that wasn’t enough to make the proud, new owner never want to leave their bed again, it also features the finest Italian silk and cotton- as if anymore comfort was needed.

Magnetic Floating Bed - $1.6 Million

A bed that needs no introduction. After taking the internet by storm, the magnetic floating bed is still dominating the luxury market with its unique concept and ‘instagramable’ appeal. Permanent, opposing industrial-strength magnets allow the bed to float around 1.3 feet off the floor while holding almost 2,000 lbs. Floating up to dream land has never been so literal.

The Kluft Palais Royal Mattress- $60,000

The name itself suggests the level of extravagance of this mattress. The Palais Royal is made with more than 10 layers, 10 pounds of cashmere, mohair, silk and wool from New Zealand. The thousands of springs within the mattress are wrapped in hand-sewn cotton, accompanied by two layers of natural horsehair. This allegedly makes for a very supportive and comfortable rest experience. For $60,00, we should hope it is.

TownHouse Galleria Milano Bedding Set- £176,072

A hotel in Italy has unveiled the world's most expensive bed sheets, which come with a price tag enough to give you nightmares. The bedding set contains one bottom sheet, four pillowcases, and one double duvet cover, all woven with 24 carat gold. Guests have the options to take bedding home with them after their stay, as long they“re happy for a six figure sum to be added onto their bill.

The White Company Eiderdown Duvet- £10,500

Eiderdown is renown as the most precious and luxurious of bedding fillings, so it’s no surprise that it comes with a price tag to match. The White Company are offering up this light and fluffy filling, encased in temperature regulating silk to create the most comfortable nights sleep money can buy. Such duvets are clearly ‘fit for a queen’, as the British monarchy have been using them for years, so if you want to sleep like Queeny you best be prepared to turn you pockets inside out.